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Ulises is the best stylist !! He gave a great hairscut and the styling was gorgeous! He is very personable and listens to what you want. I booked my nest appointments already!


S K.                                              



Ulises gave me a wonderful haircut, trendy bangs and layers while leaving my lenght infact as I wanted. It's easy to manage, as I;d requested, cute, and my hair feels soft. He was very open to what I wanted (a jet black color), took his time with my hair  so there was never a feelng of rush, and was very easygoing when I  was running late. To book, he fed me cheesecake and regaled me with the warmth of his genuine hairdresser who listened to my hair needs, and a reasonable price.What more could a girl want?I'm sticking with Ulises from now on!  


S N.                                              




Im from Spain, where hair stylist are extremely good. Ulises beat them all! He did a great cut and a beautiful styling. He is a good listener and  a better person. He is a jewel in MTV CA,


Marta I.                                         

He knows what styles would suit you and at the same time listens and helps figure out what would be the best for you. I have always  been pretty conservative with my choice of haircuts and went for ther layer cut as usual. But once it was done,I felt like I should probably do somenthing different for a change.

So he practically gave me another haircut without complaints and didn't charge me extra as well!

Final veredict : The haircut-LOVE IT! Service:Very good

Would I go here again? - Definitely


Sahana V.                                   



Ulises was wonderful. His place is very nice and peaceful to be in, he has a wonderful work ethic where he believes in quiality and taking time instead. He was very personalble and easy to be with. Im addition he made great recommendationds and showed me how to use hair tools in ways that i hadn't see before. One reviewer says that he does a great job withshort hair... I have long hair and it's thick and layered, he did a great jobwith it too... everyone wlse has left me feeling blah... not Ulises.

Top top it all off, I had been expeciting a prerry prricey bill since he's clearly a pro... and he was really reasonable his rates to boot.

I'm very happy that I've found a new stylist in MTV CA, and will be equally excited to go back!


Danielle S.                                    

Ulises is hands down the stylist I have worked with.


I have spent hundreds of dollars at other salons only to walk out hours later and disappointed. At UZ I feel like a lillion bucks every time.

Ulises is so accommodating, listens, and he knows what he's doing.

Ihave never been so impressed with a place level of service I receive at UZ.


Maria M.                                   



Wow.. Have been in search of a good place whare I can just leave everything to the stylist abd I come out with a bright smile on my face.. This is one such place.. Ulises Rocks.. He has great sense of fashion and knows his job too well.. I am so realived I found him.. Love the ambience of the and very soothing.. and the place is very reasoable too.. love the persona touch he gives to his job.. AWESOME find...


Saipriya N.                                




Ulises is very sweet, and listens to what you want. he'll do it. And if you have no idea, like I did, he'll suggest something for your face and shape. Reasonable price. You can tell he genuinely cares,and he doesn't try to rush me of there to go on to the nesxt customer. 


 A A.                                           

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